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Backlinks tools are an important asset for any website owner or marketer. The details it gives you over the backlinks are fascinating. Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools to monitor website backlinks. It’s great because you get so many metrics and features for researching and monitoring backlinks. You can think of it as an indication of how established and trustworthy a site is. Being Authentic in the Time of AI. It is packed with features and functionalities designed to make link prospecting in depth, accurate and less time consuming. You can access the data inside the Link Explorer feature. All of this with no extra effort on your part. This can be a lifesaver if you need to prospect a large number of websites quickly. The HTTP redirection manager.

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See who’s linking to your site with the Backlink Monitor Want to find out who has linked—or stopped linking—to your site? This advanced backlink tool shows you who’s linking to your site, so you can see how your content strategy is performing

An undoubted timesaver is the possibility to sync email accounts and share communications history with your team. Identify Web pages with the highest number of backlinks. Perform uploading or importing your backlinks individually or in batches, triggering consistent monitoring. LinkMiner has integration support with other tools such as SERP simulator, site SERPWatcher, KWFinder, Mangools API, etc. Poor quality backlinks will almost certainly have a negative influence on your search visibility. Streamline Your Course Registration Process. What’s more, Linkody also sends email reports to notify you of any changes in your link status.

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If you have an urgent problem or need help with something, you’re going to have to wait a long time before someone gets back to you. Bonuses from partners. This is essential if you pay for links and want to check that websites don’t take down the links you buy. Aside from seeing which keywords your competitors are ranking for, you will get to check which sites link to the sites of your competitors, and get a snapshot of a website’s backlink profile. A couple of examples are. This makes it a versatile option and customizable based on your business’s specific needs/workflows.

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This is worth analysing as part of your SEO auditing regardless, but for assessing the impact of your link building and where you may be falling short, you’ll want to identify which pages a have the strongest or weakest keyword rankings, and then assess how that equates to the links you’ve built to those pages. Gov link is guaranteed to be a winner. Another major factor is backlinks. Are most effective for your website. Link Management: An ability to organize, categorize, and analyze backlinks makes it an extremely user friendly feature. The link building outreach tool lets you actively send emails to linking prospects. Compared to SEO SpyGlass, OpenLinkProfiler is a more robust tool for backlink management. And BuzzFeed, BuzzSumo’s status as a big player in site management is there for all to see.

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Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account not required to start in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. Home Blog Digital Marketing 10 Smart SEO Tools to Monitor Backlinks. Tracking progress for links to a specific page or section of your site. The pricing plan starts from $99 per month. Txt, number of external links, country, ip, tld. Serpstat can help you detect these types of links, so you can take appropriate action to remove them and prevent Google penalties. It’s great because you get so many metrics and features for researching and monitoring backlinks. Before the subscription, you can test the tool for 30 days for FREE. Aside from checking backlinks, you can also use Ahrefs to discover keywords, audit your website, track your rankings, analyze content, and much more. It’s subjective for sure. For large agencies and enterprises. One key to successful online business is to always monitor backlinks of your website – and competitors’ sites too. After you setup your account and add your domains, there is nothing left to do. In our case it is 200.

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If your site has strong backlinks, then they can indeed lead to better search engine rankings. Who is LinkResearchTools best for. It is crucial to check the spam score of backlinks. You can add as many URLs as you want, then use the drop down menu under “Site Info” to choose a specific timeframe for which you’d like to see data. The Broken Link Checker also helps you discover link building opportunities by allowing you to view the most linked broken pages of your competitors. This superbly useful feature gives you daily insight in to what your key competitors are doing to acquire new links, enabling you to copy their tactics or, if you’re feeling particularly devious, even actively undermine their linkbuilding efforts. Sitechecker is a great backlink tracker for SEO and marketing managers to track and analyze your backlink profile for your website. With Sitechecker, you can analyze your website’s SEO health, optimize on page SEO, and monitor keyword rankings. Link to other websites that you want to track. The reason we have included it in the list of the best backlink analysis tools is that it also offers backlink analysis. Semrush for advanced SEO professionals. Backlinks hold significant importance when it comes to a website’s search engine ranking. Instead of losing valuable links, we can contact the website and let them know that their webpage isn’t working anymore.

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It’s good to live in the present when managing your online portfolio, but it’s important to always be aware of your past backlinks. Keyboard Warrior In More Trouble After Emailing Judges 400 Times: Get a new hobby, dude. Monitor Backlinks gives you major insights into the site’s traffic and keyword ranking apart from the general functionality of the backlink checker. With these tools, it’s easy to track the progress of your campaigns and check your link building efforts are paying off. We’ve created a table for you to save time and see the basic information on the best tools to monitor backlinks presented in this guide. Equipped with this knowledge, you can focus on building backlinks that have the greatest impact on your rankings and drive the most traffic, sending you well on your way to making smart, evaluated decisions in your SEO campaigns. Without backlinks, your SEO strategies are not complete, though, most experts agree that link building can be the most difficult aspect of SEO for more bloggers, there are however software that can simplify such process, you can learn more about this by visiting. The metrics include the domains where backlinks have been found, landing pages, status, trust flow, citation flow, spam, domain authority, page authority, and more. Only 400 backlinks can be viewed at one time in Seobility’s three daily backlink inspections. Morningscore offers almost every feature in larger keyword tracking platforms at half price. Backlink monitoring services allow you to make informed decisions based on real time data, optimizing your link building strategies and improving your website’s search engine rankings. Samsung Galaxy S IV Unveils : MARCH 14. We’ll contact you once the trial has been activated.

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Take this article for example. With “Ranktracker,” all is very simple “no muss no fuss”, and all we need is in one place as and when required. This tool includes the ability to disavow and pinpoint any spammy links, give you an inside look into what you’re competitors are up to, as well as notify you when you lose or gain links. This tool also gives users a more accurate idea of how many high quality links are linking to their site. Although this type of link may be less effective in improving your site’s rankings, it is still a vital part of an organic backlink profile. All in all, Ahrefs wins the “X Factor” battle with its useful “Best by links’ growth” feature. As you gain more links, you need frequent alerts and reports to provide real time notifications about new and defective links, which can be tailored for delivery to your email or mobile phone at specific intervals throughout the week.


I love the attractive visuals and streamlined UX that makes seeing relevant metrics quick and easily. It runs a more granular backlink analysis by pulling up reports on InLink Rank, HTTP status codes, text links, image links, links from the homepage, anchor texts, first found and last found date, and penalty risk. It covers diverse aspects of SEO, from link building to competitor analysis, keyword research, and more. Newly determined Changes would be marked with a red dot on the filter icons, facilitating easy cognizance. It should be a painless, autopilot process. A website can go through dozens of link profile changes in just a day. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to understand how to monitor backlinks.

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Linkio also offers outreach management features, allowing you to streamline your outreach efforts and track your outreach success rate. Use a link checker tool at least once every quarter and audit your total number of backlinks, as well as your anchors, to identify when or if a spammy website has linked to yours since your last round of backlinks analytics. All your backlinks are gathered in a stylish spreadsheet where you can check the most important factors. Explore Moz’s robust toolset for SEO, Twitter analytics, link opportunities, rank checking, and more, pluslearn more about the advanced tools included in a Moz Pro subscription. Ahrefs is a tool that can analyze the backlinks pointing to any website or domain in great detail. To win at the content game today, you have to look for unique but relevant keyword opportunities, create pillar pages to answer an array of in depth questions, optimize and refresh old content, and amplify the reach of your content through social media. You can use it to compare your backlink profile against your competitors.

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Here are the reports that we offer. But if I had to pinpoint the biggest USP it would be the use experience. There’s a free trial for this software and the paid option starts at $99. This can provide valuable insights into their content strategy and help you identify opportunities to optimize your content. If you want quality backlinks for your website or blog, here are some successful tricks. By leveraging automated outreach tools, you can streamline your link building efforts, save time, increase productivity, and ultimately improve your search rankings by acquiring quality backlinks from reputable websites and influencers. Its pricing is affordable and suitable for occasional batch analysis needs. As we have already discussed, backlink monitoring is important because it allows you to keep an eye on all of your links and make sure you take the appropriate steps to re acquire them if any of them are lost.

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As explained above, Google uses multiple criteria to evaluate the backlinks of your website. And Respona can help you find the right person to contact at those companies. Clicking this will show you the pages linking to your site. As in most cases, when you pay annually, you can save up to 20%. This information is helpful for understanding which websites are linking to your website and why. It’s always best to go for a tool that has a minimal design and displays information clearly and concisely. You will know the number of backlinks, a detailed analysis of existing backlinks, and your domain score. You can find suspicious websites linking to you by filtering them by page authority and domain authority. This helps to improve the overall quality of your backlink profile. Plans are priced based on the number of users and projects with a full blown agency plan costing $999/month. Additionally, SEMRush is one of the best keyword research tools to find profitable keywords for both organic as well as the paid campaign. Link Context is a feature unique to Majestic.

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You can utilize it on any device you want as it is compatible with all sorts of devices and operating systems. SEMrush is a well known SEO tool that provides comprehensive backlink analysis features. How do you do that with a backlink tracker. Google Search Console to monitor technical SEO, improve desktop and mobile usability, and stay ahead of potential problems. Even if they aren’t, it can be a good opportunity to build relationships with people in your industry. So, how can you monitor your backlinks with Ahrefs. Moz Pro offers four pricing plans that includes Standard, Medium, Large and Premium. Let’s say you finished running your link building campaigns. Finally, Monitor Backlinks has a handful of scaled plans, with names like 5D4C, 7D4C, and 10D4C. It’s really handy to have records of this stuff for SEO.


Let’s see how the two phase process for accurately monitoring your backlinks works. Checking the spam score and authority of links is also simple. Ahrefs, aside from the majority of similar backlink monitoring tools, uses not only HTML but JavaScript too. AIOSEO pricing plans start from $49. You’ll be able to assess the quality of the prospects and access their contact info. It can help you stay on top of numbers of inbound links that are floating around out there. Licenses are then offered from $50 to $400 per month. You can change the server location to US, EU, or Asia depending on whichever is nearest to you. Did you know that you can get rid of the bad backlinks that might affect your site. Even its visualizations are clear. While all free options have some limitations, there are paid plans offered by Monitor Backlinks if more is needed to improve a site’s SEO ranking. This is why you need SerpWatch Backlink Checker – a free backlink analyzer tool that can check any domain for. We all lose links, and so does your competition. A backlink monitor pulls from the indexes of search engines.


Considering the rich feature set, great user interface, and low price point – starting at $19. I also want to touch on LinkResearchTool’s attention to detoxing your site. They only find 60 80% of the links to your site. This tab shows the total number of IP addresses and subnets and the distribution of the referring domains across various locations. SE Ranking offers some impressive backlink check software. Manually checking your backlinks involves examining the links pointing to your website to assess their quality and relevance. Tracking out backlink changes such as Broken links, Link removals, change spots in backlink types inclusive of sponsored, nofollow and dofollow links, all undergo routine checks. It developed the famous Flow Metric scores Trust Flow and Citation Flow which have become industry standard benchmarks for SEO professionals worldwide. Our aim to make search engine optimization SEO easy. After all, this is what you would expect from top backlink analysis tools.

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You can use the free version to see this information, but you’ll only get details of a small number of backlinks for each domain. My Favorite feature: You are the first to hear about press possibilities thanks to the “Head Start” paid feature. Moz, ahrefs, Majestic and plenty more. Moz Pro is a suite of integrated SEO tools. If you’ve disavowed links before, you need to upload that file to Monitor Backlinks first, and it will add on the new links you selected in the tool to the same file. Let’s see the reasons why backlink monitoring is essential. But we’re treating each provider by quality rather than fame, so let’s see what it has to offer backlink wise. Mangools Free Trial: Mangools offers a 10 day free trial on all their tools, including LinkMiner. Use all this information to find great linkbuilding opportunities. Yes, you can write for some other website, and they can provide you with a backlink to your site.